Afriyie Frimpong (Enablis Ghana) with her Enablis International Mentor Sally Morris from CIBC

DISCOVER the INTERNATIONAL MENTORing Program (IMP) and start a unique journey!

We believe that the IMP is one of the most valuable programs we offer to stimulate our members’ entrepreneurial skills.

There is clearly no one better suited to counsel aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs than business leaders who face similar challenges everyday.

INTERNATIONAL MENTORS are experienced business men and women who wish to participate in a unique mentoring relationship and counsel Enablis entrepreneurs halfway across the world.

ENABLIS MENTEES are selected among our most established members who have been running their businesses for over 3 years. They work in a variety of sectors such as agri-business, fashion, ICT and tourism and they commit to participate actively in the mentoring relationship.

TIME COMMITMENT: Once matched to an entrepreneur selected from one of the countries where Enablis is established, the International Mentor will commit to making a 1-hour phone or Skype call per month over a period of two (2) years.

IMPACT: This program offers crucial professional and personal benefits for our mentees but is also a rewarding experience for Enablis International Mentors who get to share their expertise in fields where they excel.