What is Enablis?

Enablis is a one-of-a-kind non-profit organization dedicated to supporting SME entrepreneurs who create jobs in developing and emerging countries, leading to sustainable economic development.

Enablis is not only a model to develop entrepreneurs, it is a powerful solution helping thousands of member-entrepreneurs grow their businesses in developing and emerging countries. It facilitates professional networking and mentoring, entrepreneurial skills development and search for funding to ensure economic stimulation and entrepreneurial sustainability.

What kind if services does Enablis' offer?

Enablis believes in the power of the entrepreneur to drive socio-economic development, stimulate innovation, and create sustainable jobs . Enablis provides entrepreneurial support, professional networking and mentoring and support in the search for funding to ensure economic stimulation and entrepreneurial sustainability.
As a member-driven network, the Enablis Entrepreneurial Network helps entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries bring their businesses to the next level.

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Where does Enablis operate?

As of 2017, Enablis operates in 3 countries: Ghana, Senegal and Argentina.
Enablis’ global headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada.

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How many members are part of the Enablis Entrepreneurial Network?

Membership numbers are changing daily, but as of 2017, Enablis has helped over 2,400 entrepreneurs grow their businesses in Africa and Argentina. Members come from a variety of sectors, ranging from more tradional ones such as retail or hospitality to innovative ones wuh as Web/App development. 


Describe the average Enablis member?

We identify entrepreneurs who have the ability to grow their SME and who will both contribute to the network and benefit from it.
Our members range from start-ups to long-standing businesses with tens of employees. They come from different industries and sectors such as services, ICT, Hospitality, Agri-business and many more. 


How can I become a member?

Go to the Join Enablis section and fill out the application form. You will be contacted by the appropriate country manager.

What is the Enablis Foundation?

The Enablis Foundation is headquartered in Montreal and was created in 2006 to raise funds for Enablis’ operations. By giving to the Enablis Foundation, you can support Enablis’ work and have a sustainable impact on the life of entrepreneurs, their families and communities.

Every year, the Enablis Foundation holds fundraising events to raise awareness and funds for Enablis.