Our Model

Developing entrepreneurs using 

a unique methodology


At Enablis, we believe that the developing world is full of promising entrepreneurs; yet, without proper tailored support and training, most of them have little chance of growing their ventures into larger scale firms or becoming nationally competitive. Access to funding is also a significant challenge for most of these entrepreneurs in every stage of their development.

Our approach to create sustainable jobs is the most innovative in the world.

We focus on the entrepreneur. Once identified and accredited as Enablis members, entrepreneurs are provided with personalised learning, mentoring and coaching programs, as well as networking opportunities to ensure that they develop to their fullest capacity. For our most established members who are looking for working capital, support in their search for funding complements the world-class training offered.



The Enablis model in action

  • Enablis attracts and selects members with appropriate potential
  • Enablis provides relevant programs that:
    • Stimulate motivation and commitment
    • Develop pertinent competencies
    • Facilitate network interaction
    • Give access to opportunities and external resources
  • With Enablis’S support, member businesses achieve
    • Higher start-up rates
    • Higher survival rates
    • Higher growth rates
    • Higher levels of job creation