Enablis is celebrating Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Women entrepreneurs get together for a friendly picture after attending an Enablis training session dedicated to Women Empowerment in Kenya

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship! During one week each November, organizations across the world host events specially designed to support, celebrate and inspire entrepreneurship.

This year, Enablis has decided to do something special for the occasion and celebrate the launch of Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) on November 19, 2014 in New York.

We are very proud to list on this page the tips and tricks shared by Enablis female members, a sort of a “Female entrepreneurs’ Survival Guide to success”. We would like to thank all the Enablis members who sent us their best tips on how to become a successful female entrepreneur. We are happy to share them with you! 


"Be aware of what you are good at doing and do not just jump to any business - be specific and focus your energy on a certain product/service."Margaret M. Martin, Managing Director, Shilashi Car Hire -  Arusha (Tanzania)

"Start with why: understand what happens because of you. Why does/should your business/product exist? Is there a need? is it a solution to a problem?" - Wangeci Wachira, Founder of Career Vitamins - Nairobi (Kenya).

"Embrace discipline and always focus on giving the best services. Service, is not a department but an attitude" - Christine Nkatha, CEO of Global Realtek Solution - Nairobi (Kenya).

networking = fun

"Plan and follow through with your old and new networks but always remember to be authentic and genuine "Grace Wairimu, Managing Consultant, Corporate &Individual Solutions (CIS) Ltd - Nairobi (Kenya)

WORK but don't forget to LIvE 

"Plan and keep time: Women entrepreneurs still have their personal obligations and therefore can get overwhelmed and unproductive if they don’t plan their time." - Njoki Muriuki, Owner of A Plus Tours & Travel - Nairobi (Kenya) 

"As a female entrepreneur, you have the possibility to organize your agenda as a Lego, but remember that each brick must fall in the right place. When you are at work, ... work and when you are with your family, forget about work!" - Mariana Meller, owner of La Dibujeria - Buenos Aires (Argentina)


"Success is all about keep on learning everyday from other people who succeeded."Linda Nyangubho, Managing Director, Shilashi Car Hire -  Arusha (Tanzania) 


"Our female intuition is our secret weapon! It allows us to quickly visualize the big picture, without missing out on the important details, and to connect with people with amazing emphathy." Nati Fainberg, Co-Founder & CEO, Pixpol - Buenos Aires (Argentina)


"Do it from within. Do it with love and enjoy what you're doing."Lucy Kamptoni, Founder & Manager: Shepherds Nursery, Primary & Secondary School - Arusha (Tanzania)


We also take this opportunity to share with you the vision that Clara A. Ibihya, Founder of Claphijo Enterprises ltd in Tanzania, has for her continent!

"Women who are setting up business are less likely to become INVOLVED IN PROSTITUTION, thus acting as role models for younger women and girls, helping them to avoid contracting HIV/AIDS."