Enablis Startup Immersion Program brings three entrepreneurs from Argentina to Montreal

POSTED ON Monday, July 11, 2016

Three Argentina Tech entrepreneurs
participate in Montreal International StartupFest 
as part of the Enablis Startup Immersion Program

Montreal, July 11, 2016 - Three technology entrepreneurs from Enablis in Argentina are participating in a week-long program (July 11 th to 16th, 2016) to help their technological startups develop in North America. As part of this unique Enablis program to connect entrepreneurs to the international ecosystem, Enablis entrepreneurs will attend the International Startupfest taking place in Montreal from July 13th to 16 th.

Enablis is a Canadian not-for-profit organization with a mission to support local SME entrepreneurs who create jobs in developing and emerging countries, leading to sustainable economic development. Created in 2003 by Quebec entrepreneur Charles Sirois and Accenture, with the support of the Canadian Government, Enablis has helped over 2,400 entrepreneurs grow their businesses in Africa and Argentina over the last 13 years.

Argentina is quickly turning into an innovation and technology hub in Latin America. As Rose Vervenne, Managing Director of Enablis Global, who is also running the Buenos Aires office, puts it: “In Argentina, Enablis is focusing on innovative entrepreneurs with existing or early stage businesses that have the potential to expand internationally”.

Rose has decided to leverage the opportunity of Enablis being a Canadian organization to connect Enablis member-entrepreneurs specifically to Canada. Montreal, where Enablis’s headquarters are located, is now part of the Top 20 leading startup cities in the world, according to the 2015 Global Startup Ecosystem Report.  To connect its entrepreneurs to the international ecosystem, Enablis has put in place, with the help of partners from the Montreal startup scene, a week-long program entitled “Enablis Startup Immersion Program” that includes participation to the Montreal International Startupfest, meetings with early-stage Venture Capital firms, networking sessions with local entrepreneurs and meetings with potential partners and clients.

Three Argentinian entrepreneurs have been selected to be part of the Enablis Startup Immersion Program: Miguel Morkin, Co-founder and CEO of Sirena, a mobile CRM solution; Luciana Reznik, CEO of Wolox, a software and IoT development company; and Gaston Silberman, Co-founder of Tril, a social recommendations network. As Luciana Reznik puts it: “This program is a unique opportunity to boost our efforts to expand globally. Most importantly, it will increase the visibility of our company in North America to attract potential new investors and clients.”

The Enablis Startup Immersion Program is one of the several programs Enablis offers to connect its members to international business people. Through the Enablis International Mentoring Program, the most advanced entrepreneurs can be matched with successful Canadian business executives. Next year, Rose Vervenne is hopeful to extend the Enablis Startup Immersion Program to more member-entrepreneurs of the Enablis Entrepreneurial Network in Africa and Latin America.

About Enablis:

Enablis is a Canadian non-profit organization founded in 2003 by Quebec entrepreneur Charles Sirois – Chairman of the Board of Telesystem - Accenture and CIDA (now Global Affairs Canada). Its mission is to support SME entrepreneurs who create jobs in developing and emerging countries, leading to sustainable economic development.

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