Sello Moloantoa, a Gold Member's success story

POSTED ON Thursday, August 29, 2013

(From top left to bottom right) Sello telling his story to the Calgary business community at the Enablis 2013 Calgary Gala; The Phuzamanzi Electrical team soon to be growing; Sello meets Grant Berg, P. Eng, Director of Asset Integrity at TransAlta for the first time; Sello and his wife, Anna, in Lake Louise; Sello was overall winner in the Construction category of the RSA 2009 Enablis BLP Competition.

It has been almost 4 months since Sello Moloantoa, Phuzamanzi Electrical Founder and CEO, and Enablis member, arrived in Calgary to speak at Enablis’ Second Annual Gala at Hotel Arts. Since Sello is now an interview expert (after his splendid radio interview with CBC’s Doug Dirks), the Enablis Foundation caught up with him for a Q&A:

Sello, August 7th will mark 4 months since the Calgary gala. How are you doing?

Anna and I were just looking at the pictures from the trip and thinking “when are we going back?” My family is doing great, and the boys are now reaching adolescent stage… and you know what that means!

What is your favorite place in Alberta?

It’s hard to say… There are magnificent buildings in Calgary, with the Calgary Tower for example. But I also liked Banff with its ‘city in a farm’ environment, and those snowy mountains in the background. Then, Lake Louise was also a marvel to witness… I can’t decide; I loved all of Alberta.

How is Phuzamanzi Electrical doing?

I am proud to announce that we signed a new deal with national electricity provider Eskom. Phuzamanzi Electrical has now officially gone national in South Africa with at least 30 new employees contracted for the next 3 years at least!

We’ve heard all about how Enablis has helped you in the past. How has Enablis helped you since?

I attended a Networking session for the Gold members hosted by Charles Sirois. It was good to see him again! As well, through Enablis’ initiative for Mandela Day, Phuzamanzi Electrical sponsored a new bathroom facility for an orphanage in Alexander.

What do you take out of this experience?

Speaking at the gala was a proud moment, everything went so well. It changed the way I look at my business because it has shown that there are possibilities beyond borders. Now I can easily interact with the world with much ease and confidence! It was wonderful to share with Canadians the South African experience from an African entrepreneur’s perspective…

To finish, can you tell us one of your trip highlights?

The TransAlta meeting: it was an absolute “wow moment”. I had envisaged to meet the departmental manager, Grant Berg, but was surprised when his whole department came in to listen, show me around their operations and wish me well! They also gave me a nice present and we are still in touch. I am very grateful…

From all of us at the Enablis Foundation, thank you Sello and Anna, for traveling all the way across the ocean to tell us about your Enablis experience. Asante!

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