Success Stories

At Enablis, we are very proud with the remarkable results achieved by our entrepreneurs. Their success is our goal, but it is also our success.

Each year, we see more and more smiling faces in our network and we are happy to recognize their accomplishments. These are people, both men and women, whose commitment to business excellence has helped them surpass obstacles.

Thanks to Enablis members, entrepreneurial success is indeed possible in the developing world!

Israella Kafui Mansu

Israella Kafui Mansu is the Founder and CEO of Mansuki Ghana Limited (MGL), a natural cosmetics manufacturing company in Ghana. Israella has not only grown a multiple award winning company; she has also created sustainable employment for rural women in her country.

Lloyd Kusi

Lloyd Kusi is 27 years old and part owner of Penta foods Limited, a start-up producing yogurt in Ghana. He joined Enablis in March 2013 from the Business Launchpad competition. Lloyd is very thankful for the support he got from Enablis before, during and after the competition.

Thula Sindi

Finalist of the 2009 Enablis Business Launchpad in South Africa. Thula designs, manufactures, and markets his own women's fashion line. He started distributing his clothes in Johannesburg in 2009 and is now selling his collections at renowned stores across South Africa. In 2012, he won the SA Tourism Designer of the Year Award.

Rapelang Rabana

Winner of the 2006 inaugural Enablis Business Plan Competition in South Africa in the Start-Up Information and Communication Technology sector. Rapelang co-founded Yeigo Communications that develops and designs some of the world’s earliest mobile VoIP applications.

Annah Kimambo

Annah Kimambo lives in Dar-es-Salam, Tanzania where she produces banana flour. As a "Silver Category" member, Annah has been greatly benefitting from Enablis services since 2012. In this video, she tells how Enablis has given her the courage, the network and the knowledge to run her business. Video produced by, directed by Pierre Drouin

Alexis Caporale

One of Enablis Argentina's founding members. In 2010, when he was still a student in Chemical Engineering, he created Bixti. Bixti is the first Spanish language E-Commerce platform for handcrafts and design products. It currently has more than 2,000 customers.