Developing the Entrepreneur

The capacity building programs we provide include the training, support and tools to develop our members' knowledge, business skills and talents.

WORKSHOPS: Monthly workshops/seminars on general business and sector-specific topics presented by external experts stimulate entrepreneurs’ enthusiasm for learning.

SEMINARS: Industry/market-specific discussions led by experts develop entrepreneurial expertise.

ACADEMIES: Based on Bronze, Silver or Gold categories, academies offer structured learning through incremental workshop series running over the span of 2 to 2 1/2 months. They emphasize on business discipline and take the entrepreneur’s business to the next level of growth.

MENTORING: Structured one-on-one 10-month process which partners members with successful business professionals. In South Africa, Enablis’ partnership with the YPO offers members the opportunity to participate in the YPO Mentorship Program which pairs them with CEOs from top companies.

INTERNATIONAL MENTORING: Our most advanced members have the privilege to be eligible for the International Mentoring Program run by the Enablis Foundation. Established executives from around the world share on a monthly basis the skills they master with Enablis entrepreneurs. Mentees and mentors are matched based on mutual experience and interests. All benefit from this memorable relationship.

COACHING: Enablis provides its members with short-term performance improvement intervention for both the individual and the business.