Enablis Methodology Overview

Enablis is all about PEOPLE who share a passion for entrepreneurship. 

At the heart of Enablis is a one-of-a kind methodology to support, train and develop entrepreneurs. 

Mixing networking, capacity building and mentoring, Enablis’ entrepreneur development methodology can be used by any organisation in order to maximize impact and capacity building.

An individual development plan guides Enablis's entrepreneurs training. Using business evaluation and personal assessment tools, it is designed to put them on the road to success.

Professional networking provides members with amazing opportunities to connect with each other, share and access business resources.

Capacity building involves skills development, support from peers, coaches, local and international mentors, as well as techniques for immediate use in business operations.

We strongly believe that Enablis entrepreneurs will benefit from learning and sharing in the comfort of a familiar place - most of our services are therefore provided at the local “Enablis House”.